Can a truck really pull the shuttle?

By Lifetime Library on November 27, 2012 in Lifetime Learning Blog, Uncategorized
Read the following article. It’s “inconclusive” at best! But it attempts to answer the question as to whether a Toyota Tundra could really pull the space shuttle through the streets of Southern California! After you read it, you might be a bit skeptical, because it’s likely the rig the shuttle was on was powered in some way. Here’s the point, talk about this with your science, math and/or physics instructors. It’s a fun topic, because as the author points out, the ‘tugs’ that pull airliners in and out of gate areas at airports aren’t the most powerful vehicles around. Ask your math instructor if the equations used in this article are correct or not. He/she might enjoy the question from you and the challenge to prove or disprove the author’s ideas! Enjoy!

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