Bite Size Learning?

By Lifetime Library on September 9, 2013 in Lifetime Learning Blog

bite size cookiesHere’s an interesting article from Talent Magazine.  The premise is… “you can’t learn in short, bite size learning activities”.  Initially, we’re not sure we’d agree with that.  But then, let’s dissect this just a bit. Ask the question: “How come?” Well… we know that when it comes to learning by video, sometimes short snippets are really good. We know that people retain more when they engage all more than one of their “learning senses”… visual (viewing video and reading), listening and “doing”.  We know that attention spans for “viewing” was once considered ‘normal’ at 10-12 minutes.  Then it was 7-8 minutes.  Today, it’s about 2-4 minutes — and at 4 minutes, you’re often pushing it.  Now, the author of this article starts to refute learning in bite sizes. You might not agree — at first.  So — read it all the way through — and you’ll understand what he means — and we think it makes a lot of sense when you put it in his context. Sure, he’s talking about the work place. But you know what? … this applies to the learning environment as well.  If you’re a student reading this — maybe this helps you understand the need to do project work — research — working in teams — formulate ideas and alternatives, etc.  If you’re a teacher or parent — you probably already realize this — but this is nice confirmation.  And if you’re an adult learner — and thinking about advancement, isn’t this a great article to help you refine the way you think about getting things done?  We hope it’s a helpful article.

Read more here.  (this is from Talent Magazine’s Sept. 2013 issue. At the time of this blog post, the article hasn’t been archived. The link takes you to their online version of the magazine. You can easily read it by using the controls to zoom and in and out.  (Go to page 10)


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