Avoiding the Summer Slide – and Maybe the Winter Break Slide?

By Lifetime Library on August 22, 2013 in Lifetime Learning Blog

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The following article may be a bit “late” for summer 2013 — and actually it was published a bit late too.  But nonetheless, we think this is a good one to pass along and thank the Sun Suburban newspapers of the Twin Cities.  We all like our time off — whether we’re students or adults.  We all need, however, to keep our brains active … and learning…  whether we are following an exacting strategy or we’re doing it with creative activities goinb beyond the (some

times needed) desire to “do nothing” for a while!  The point of this article is to find ways for students to keep engaged during down-times.  Starting a new school year in a state of “not being too rusty” is more than just good.  It’s going to set the stage for success all through life.  It’s a kind of “leg up” on others who don’t stay active.  So for parents… this is the time to think about how to help your children with their preparation for the new school year.  For ambitious students… this a time to think about how you stay at the top of your game, the top of your class, and on a road to future successes.  We don’t  like the concept of “tricking” people into learning as the article states — but the concept they’re describing is valid.  Hope this helps — if not now – down the road when the next major break from learning occurs!    Read more here…

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