Algebra 1 Lesson Video Sample

Algebra 1 VIDEO - AUDIO screenAlgebra can be confusing to many learners. The Lifetime Library is designed to help learners understand it using examples of how it’s applied in life situations. Algebra can be fun and interesting when you get to a point of understanding it! It’s a gateway to higher level learning — math or otherwise.  Mastering Algebra can be a difficult task for many learners but the Lifetime Library is ready to help!

Algebra 1 Lesson Audio Sample

Like all lessons in the Lifetime Library, learners can read on their own or have the text narrated so they can ‘read along’. This is a great option to have as learning is enhanced with visuals and audio. For individuals with reading difficulties, the narration feature is a great tool!

The following sample is from the small inset image above. The learner is progressing through lessons about the X and Y axis.  The lesson’s video and text work in concert. In this case, the learner is also getting reinforcement through the narration function of the Library.


Algebra 2 Lesson Video Sample

Algebra 2 VIDEO screen

The Lifetime Library provides “real world perspective”.  This is a sample about the concept of “compound interest”.  Using examples learners can relate to is important. It makes the concept of interest interesting and enlightening.

Algebra 2 AUDIO screenAlgebra 2 Lesson Audio Sample

In the following audio example below, the concept of interest, money and saving is reinforced with the Rule of 72 — the time it takes to double your money.  Math is used in all walks of life. For some, a mastery of math and Algebra open doors to careers and professions that “make a lifetime”. In other cases, solid foundation in math and Algebra help a person proceed through life making wise and informed decisions. For many, math can be enjoyed once a concept is made easy to understand!


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