"The Pythagorean Theorem" on blackboardALGEBRA LEARNING DETAILS

Algebra can be a difficult subject for many people.  Many students, regardless of mathematical capabilities struggle with algebraic concepts.  Yet it is well-known that without a good understanding of Algebra, excelling in other areas of math can be difficult

Algebra can be simplified when additional explanation is provided.  Sometimes it takes a different perspective to what is taught through the textbook.  Sometimes the additional perspective helps make the classroom situation more enjoyable.  The Lifetime Library’s Algebra series is a great complementary tool to what is taught in classroom settings.

The Lifetime Library provides clear explanations of algebraic topics, along with practice exercises to reinforce the concepts in place. The detailed solutions to Algebra problems help students to understand all the “how’s” and “why’s” – and answer the question: “why do I need to know this?” Because topics are related back to everyday life, students remember the lessons.

Algebra contains 30 hours of audio and video instruction, over 2,000 instructional screens, and 2,100 test and exercise questions with feedback information.  It also utilizes interactive activities to help learners grasp complex concepts rapidly.

Some quick facts about Algebra:

  • Complete coverage of Algebra and does not just provide a drill-and-practice tool
  • Sol teaches individuals how to solve real world problems with Algebra as the focus
  • All the core algebraic skills are explained in detail
  • Guided practice includes fully worked out solutions and challenging problems
  • A comprehensive Placement Test helps learners quickly find where to start

Algebra 1 and 2

Algebra parts 1 and 2 teach both the fundamentals and advanced concepts of algebra using real-world applications.  The two parts include 24 lessons of basic and intermediate level Algebra.  Dr. Garfunkel introduces each lesson and explains each algebraic concept.  Throughout both parts, the Library utilizes interactive activities to help learners grasp complex concepts rapidly.

In addition, practice and challenge exercises reinforce each concept with problems requiring the correct application of algebraic techniques.  An appendix in each lesson extends the discussion beyond normal instruction. 

Algebra Video

The Algebra program utilizes a multimedia, interactive platform and incorporates instructional video produced by COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications) and the Annenberg Foundation.  The video series is a winner of a Columbus International Film Festival Award.

Algebra's Multimedia Components

•  24 multimedia “books” composed of three to five chapters each
•  Over 4,000 screens of instruction that blend information in text, graphics, and segments of instructional video
•  10 hours of award-winning instructional video incorporated within the 24 books
•  On-Line tools: a calculator, dictionary, a thesaurus, text translation to 16 languages and instructional text narration
•  Automatic record keeping of time on task, as well as test and exercise scores
•  Ability for users to learn at their own pace

Purchasing the Lifetime Library

Acquiring individual, one-time licenses to the Lifetime Library is affordable and easy!  Please click here to go to our “purchase page“.  For schools and other educational learning institutions and large user settings, contact Lifetime Learning using one of the forms you can link to on the purchase page.  Thank you!

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