ALGEBRA Lesson Examples


Mastering Algebra in the Lifetime Library will help learners with high school and college level learning. The Library’s “total math” lessons can work with someone starting back at the number line and progressing steadily inot high school and early college Algebra. The Lifetime Library isn’t meant to be used “for a few days” and “put away” like “single use” learning tools and aids. The Lifetime Library can be used for years!

Algebra - Functions and Sequences



Learning Algebra can be an interesting and fun thing to do … really! The Lifetime Library helps make it easier to understand. Often times, learners get to “do something” as the lesson proceeds. The beauty of the Library is… you can go back and forth, re-read, view video tips again, and test your mastery as you move along.

Algebra - software to assist Algebra learning



The Library puts learning situations into the context of the “real world”. In this example, the lesson is about “Linear Equations”. The lesson talks about the speed of a boat — and how speed is a function of “hull length” – which is a linear equation. While not every learner is going to love boats, this lesson may just play a role in helping students that love speed, racing and the outdoors to pursue studies that help them “achieve their dreams”!

Studying Math and the Real World

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