READ ONLY STUDENT REPORTS ACCESS for institutional users of the Lifetime Library

If you or your school (or business or military base, etc.) has an “educators version” of the Library, you will have been provided with administrative access to the institutional Library’s management system.  You must have the “Lifetime Administrator” installed your computer to have full access to your student records.

HOWEVER… you may wish to log in to review your students reports.  You can do so by clicking this link.  Use your administrator (or teacher / instructor) UID and PW.

The Lifetime Administrator (for institutional license/subscription holders of the Lifetime Library)

If you are an ‘institutional’ customer of the Lifetime Library — i.e. a school, business, military base, adult learning center, etc. — you need to install the “Lifetime Administrator” log in connection on your computer.

Please ask your Lifetime Learning Library representative (or contact Lifetime Learning) for the URL for the download page for the files necessary to connect to the Management System.  (You will also be able to download an install/set-up User Guide from this page.)

Once installed on your computer, you will be able to log into the Management System for your account.

(If you are an individual user or customer of the Lifetime Library, this “management system access” does NOT apply to you.)

Thank you!




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