Self-Paced Online Learning for: Reading, Writing, Math & Algebra

The Lifetime Library allows students to learn at their own pace.

The educational community, parents, business leaders and elected officials increasingly realize learners need instruction that is student-centered for each individual.  The Lifetime Library allows students to learn at their own pace.

The Lifetime Library is a series of comprehensive multimedia programs in reading, writing, math and algebra incorporating topics in history, science and English.  The program provides an individualized, engaging educational experience for any learner through the interactive, multimedia platform.  All the lessons incorporate excellent instructional video that lends itself to the corresponding media of text, illustrations, and computer interaction.  The blending of this media provides variety and appeals to all learning styles.

The Lifetime Library is a valuable learning tool for literally all learners grade 6 and beyond.  The Lifetime Library is effective and affordable and it’s more than an ‘online tutor’ or single-subject learning software because it can be used again and again.

The Bookshelf – is the central part of the Library.  Learners can start with the book (lesson) that’s prescribed after having taken the built-in Placement Test.  Students can also browse and study what they want.

Self-pacing – students can move at their own pace and take the final test for each book at any time once starting the chapters and studying the lessons.  The Lifetime Learning objective is to allow learners to study what’s relevant – and take credit for what they know!

Placement Tests – the Library has built-in Placement Test for each of the four main learning series of Math, Algebra, Reading and Writing.  Placement Tests will guide learners to the proper starting point.  (You don’t need to take them all at once – just prior to beginning to work in the books of a particular module. And make sure to allow enough time.  While there is no time limit for a Placement Test.  Some testers with higher levels of mastery may be in the Placement Test for 20 – 30 or more minutes and those with lesser levels of mastery may be in the Placement Test for 15 minutes or less, be sure to allow enough time before starting any of the Placement Tests.) 

Page Uniformity – each page of every book and learning topic provides ‘instant access to tools and features’ through a series of icons.

•  View a record of your progress.
•  Access an onscreen dictionary – with a Spanish language translation feature.
•  Have onscreen text read (narrated) in English, which is particularly helpful for individuals with reading difficulties or if English is
not a primary language.

•  Access an onscreen calculator.
•  Gauge topic and lesson understanding with Practice and Challenge exercises – including helpful hints and step-by-step
answers all geared reinforce the learning process.

•  View video that’s integral to the learning process – embedded throughout the pages of the Lifetime Library.  It helps put the
learning matter into r
eal-world context, introduces characters that will be watched and followed throughout the learning process.

Test Center – Retake the initial Placement Tests (at a future date) in the form of an “Evaluation Test” to further gauge your progress.  See where you’d place in a given learning series at a future point in time.  Particularly helpful if the Lifetime Library is being used in a Home School program. 

Records – a location to view progress through a particular learning series or the entire Lifetime Library.

Purchasing the Lifetime Library

Acquiring individual, one-time licenses to the Lifetime Library is affordable and easy!  Please click here to go to our “purchase page“.

For schools and other educational learning institutions and large user settings, contact Lifetime Learning using one of the forms you can link to on the purchase page.

Thank you!

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