About Lifetime Learning & History of the Library

About Lifetime Learning

Lifetime Learning is based in Minneapolis MN and has been involved in the education industry for more than 25 years.  The Lifetime Library is the result of this industry experience.  The core philosophy of the Company is to provide a learning product that is both affordable and comprehensive.  The Lifetime Library is not a product for short term use.  It can be a reference program for years to come.  The product does not compete with traditional curriculum as it is meant to be supplemental.  It is also meant to help students and learners from grade 5 or 6 at the low end through young adult and adults in the workforce that struggle with the foundational skills that are the cornerstone for higher learning.  Lifetime Learning’s objective is to reach and help as many learners as possible and thereby strives to make the Lifetime Library a product of great value.  Some of our key clients include: U.S. Army, Jobs for America’s Graduates, Minnesota’s Adult Basic Education consortia, the University of Maryland, the EJ Henderson Youth Foundation and others.  We welcome inquiries and look forward to working with educators spanning middle and high school, community colleges, universities, charter schools, home school families, individual learners, correctional facilities, workforce development, Alternative Learning programs and more.

History of the Lifetime Library

The Lifetime Library’s origins go back to the 1990’s when an early version was created to meet the educational needs of learners at home, work, and school by bringing together compelling educational materials and emerging multimedia technology.

The development of the Lifetime Library was accomplished by a team of experienced content experts, instructional designers, computer programmers, and writers.  Together they designed the Library as a series of comprehensive, learning programs where instruction is delivered through video, text, narration, graphics, and interactive exercises. The development goals were simple – and they remain the foundation of the Library today:

  1. Make use of several media, selecting those that best serve the subject at hand
  2. Make the mixing of the media transparent, so that the learner’s attention is on the subject, not on how to operate the software
  3. Make the programs learner-driven, so that the choices of what to hear or see, when to move on or move back, and when to stop are the learner’s
  4. Make the product affordable and accessible

Some of the core learning experience for Math 3, Pre-algebra, Reading 2 and Writing is based on Kentucky Educational Television’s (KET) Basic Skills curriculum.  Working with educational objectives for these learning strands, the development created the instruction, pre and post tests, and practice exercises (including instructional “hints”).  Graphics, both original and from other sources, were added to enhance instruction.  Experienced writers in the field of training and broadcast prepared the final online text and audio narration.  A team of experienced programmers developed the system for blending the media and ensuring ease of use.

Two more KET series were selected to broaden the base of the Library.  The series entitled Another Page was used as the core of Reading 1.  The series entitled Math Basics provides the video material for Math 1 and 2.  Lifetime Learning adopted the core of the basic skills curriculum knowing it was a curriculum with proven success.  Formal studies and data substantiate its effectiveness.  

The modules of Algebra Parts 1 and 2 incorporate video produced by COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications).  This video has been successfully used as a complete telecourse by hundreds of two- and four-year institutions.  Master Instructor Dr. Sol Garfunkel hosts the interesting, well-produced video.  The video series is a winner of the Columbus International Film Festival Award.  COMAP, which has several successful broadcast series in conjunction with the Annenberg Foundation, is a nationally recognized resource for teachers of mathematics around the country.  For over a decade COMAP has created award-winning materials that are rigorous and fun, challenging and motivational.  These modules not only help students grasp the elusive problem-solving concepts of algebra, it also shows them why these concepts are important.  Dr. Garfunkel walks students step-by-step through problems that highlight common trouble spots students have with this subject matter. 

Ultimately, the Lifetime Library was built upon these core curriculums and its delivery was greatly enhanced by education, graphical and programming experts.  Through the years of development, a variety of users, educators, and experts from universities, community colleges, workplace literacy programs, adult learning centers and vocational institutions have provided input.

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