A Brief Intoduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnolog

According to what we saw, this is to be credited to: wonderville.ca. And we like this. It’s about the concept of the “really small”. If you’re a fan of science fiction, you’ve no doubt heard of “nanotechnology”. If you’re a user of modern technology, you hear about nanotechnology too. This is a video seemingly for the “younger set”, but if you’re older, watch it anyway! If you start to realize “how small is small!” you’ll maybe get interested in nano-science – and where it can lead in your schooling – or your career! To think that even 100 years ago no one really understood things about how the cells in your body were strengthened by strands of nano-fibers — but we do now — is an amazing sign of the progress people have made in science and technology. Want to be part of it? Maybe you start here – and talk with teachers, counselors and others in education to help you find a way to study this topic more – and guide you to stuff you never thought about doing in life! Have fun!

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