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  • One-Way Mirrors Explained (video)

    By Lifetime Library on January 16, 2014
    Very simple and short video from MinutePhysics! It goes by fast — only 18 seconds long. Watch it a few times, and pause the video at the end when words are on-screen. We’ll set this one up a bit. During the summer, when you’re inside… people outside generally can’t see you … when you’re… inside! Yet – when winter comes […]
  • Why the Full Moon is Better in The Winter (video)

    By Lifetime Library on January 13, 2014
    We found this on one of our favorite sites — “MinutePhysics”.  This one is just plain neat! If you are a “calendar watcher” – and prefer the long days of summer vs. the long dark days of winter — you’ll really appreciate this. It’s short — and does a great job of explaining it simply. If you don’t understand it […]
  • Lottery Ticket Illusion (video)

    By Lifetime Library on January 10, 2014
    This simply a very fun one to think about. But it could be fun to discuss in class — with math and/or statistics teachers – or others that want to think about how “magic tricks” are done. The question you’ll have is “how did he do that?” Have fun conjuring up ideas. We know one answer that is clearly “not […]

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